About Crushers Delight 

Crushers Delight is an innovative cocktail and mocktail mobile bar company.  At Crushers Delight we offer a wide range of drinks services ranging from the service of cocktails, mocktails as well as the organization and management of your drinks. We are a Mobile Bar Company and we are able to travel across the United Kingdom to cater for your events. We are able to cater for all types of events ranging from private parties, weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, corporate events and a host of other events.

At Crushers Delight we understand your needs when it comes to serving premium mocktails and cocktails for your events. No matter the type of event you are planning, our mobile bars are fully equipped to serve a wide range of freshly made exotic mocktails and cocktails. Our cocktails are freshly made with carefully selected ingredients and garnishes.

Our certified bartenders and mixologists have what it takes to make your event a world of fun and excitement. They are highly trained and have the best skills in making absolutely delicious cocktails and mocktails.

Crushers Delight is a family owned business established in 2016 with the head bartender and mixologist as Olajumoke Arowosola. The name Crushers Delight was influenced by our love for crushed ice as well as the process of crushing ice to cocktails.

Our High Class Service

Our Bespoke Bars are a fit for all, compactly sized and able to fit into your venue which can also be tailored to your event. We are also able to provide bespoke menus for your events which then makes our bar accessible to all your guests notwithstanding their preferences. 

Our well trained staff are able to work both independently and as a team which to leads to an efficient and timely delivery as per our service level agreement.

Read Our Testimonials Below!


Hello my dear name sake, many thanks for a very good job done by you and your team on Saturday. You were really amazing. Got feedback from a neutral person saying you had arrived 4hours before the event to set things up. God bless you and your business shall continue to expand. Creative ideas to build your business God will give you. God bless you. Amen ....Jumoke

One special thing I will want to say about crushers delight is their attention to details is first class.... Their Cocktails are  amazing, tailored  to your event,  busting with flavour and elegantly presented. The C.E.O also listens to her clients requests and works with your budget. Crushers delight  drinks is just simply the best.... Anu & Richard


You are amazing Ola!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, this is going to be an amazing year for you I promise you! God is going to double all of your efforts and bring you back a serious harvest as you are diligent with the gift he has given to you and your heart is so pure. i can see the passion and hunger and only great things can come forth from that xxx....Sontonye

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